Cakes for Special Occasions

Life presents so many opportunities for us to celebrate!

Make it memorable with a La Rose cake for your special occasion.

Our cake artists can create anything you dream of for your special occasions.

Come see our cake artists to discuss a design for:

  • Baby shower cakes
  • Bridal shower cakes
  • Milestone birthday cakes
  • Graduation Cakes
  • Gender Reveal cakes
  • Sweet 16 cakes
  • Engagement Cakes
  • Bachelorette Cakes
  • Stag & Doe cakes
  • Retirement cakes
  • Over the Hill cakes
  • And cakes for all other special occasions!


We use whole, real ingredients in our cakes, like 35% cream, whole eggs and real butter, just to name a few. We make our cakes from scratch, right here at our store, fresh to your order.

Our Flavours for Special Occasion Cakes

Check Out Our Cake Flavours
Cake Flavours Cake Description
Buttercream FlavoursOur buttercream cakes are made with our very own Italian buttercream. Buttercream must be served at
room temperature. These cake options are perfect for weddings or events where the cake will be on display for one hour or more before serving.
Vanilla Raspberry ButtercreamVanilla sponge smeared with raspberry jam and layered with our vanilla Italian buttercream.
Best served close to room temperature. Option: Omit the raspberry jam for just plain vanilla buttercream.
Chocolate ButtercreamChocolate sponge cake layered with our chocolate Italian buttercream. We make our buttercream with
real butter and pure Belgian dark chocolate. Best served close to room temperature.
Vanilla/Chocolate ButtercreamAlternating layers of vanilla and chocolate sponge cake and vanilla and chocolate Italian buttercream.
Mocha Supreme ButtercreamLayers of chocolate sponge with coffee liqueur, mocha buttercream and rich chocolate ganache.
Mocha ButtercreamThree layers of vanilla sponge with coffee liqueur, filled with mocha buttercream.
Strawberry ButtercreamStrawberry Italian buttercream and fresh sliced strawberries layered with vanilla sponge cake.
Chocolate Raspberry ButtercreamRaspberry Italian buttercream with ribbons of Belgian chocolate ganache layered with chocolate sponge cake with raspberry liqueur.
Raspberry ButtercreamRaspberry Italian buttercream layered with vanilla sponge cake with raspberry liqueur.
Dulce de Leche ButtercreamDulce de Leche (caramel) Italian buttercream with ribbons of dulce de leche layered with vanilla sponge cake.
Nocciola (Hazelnut) ButtercreamNocciola (hazelnut) Italian buttercream layered with vanilla sponge cake.
Lemon ButtercreamLemon Italian buttercream with lemon curd layered with vanilla sponge cake.
Bacio (A Kiss) ButtercreamBacio (chocolate-hazelnut) Italian buttercream (with pieces of roasted hazelnuts), layered with chocolate sponge cake.

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Take a look at some of our special occasions cakes!


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