For a Ballroom Dancer

Sharon’s husband called us well ahead of time to place his order for his wife’s milestone birthday.

He wanted something meaningful and special that would touch her heart as well as thrill her tastebuds.

So we asked him to tell us a little bit about Sharon: her likes, her hobbies.

He mentioned that they began ballroom dancing together and that it was a wonderful new hobby they discovered together.

And her favourite cake? Tiramisu.

Armed with this info, we set to work on creating a special cake for Sharon.

Tiramisu is a delicate cake and cannot handle much of the fondant decor that we would normally apply to our custom cakes. So we had to come up with a design that would not affect the flavour of the cake and that still incorporated the lady fingers around the cake (part of the support that keeps the tiramisu together).

We decided on a fondant silhouette of a couple dancing. The male silhouette was hand cut from black fondant. The female silhouette was cut from white fondant.

All of the detail and focus was applied to the female dancer (Sharon). I used a black food colour marker to outline the silhouette, and then drew in her facial features and the dress. Using tweezers, I then applied gold dragees one by one to the dress to give it the look of a beaded gown. Using a paint brush, I then accented all of the dress with edible gold lustre dust.

To finish the look, we tied a black ribbon around the lady fingers with a bow to the left side, and included some black scrollwork on top on the right side, to enhance the balance and movement of the cake.

Happy Birthday Sharon! We hope you enjoyed your custom tiramisu cake, designed by us but inspired by the thoughtfulness of your husband. We wish you many years of happiness together.

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