Bread and Buns

Walk into La Rose any morning and you’ll be enveloped by the delicious aroma of fresh baked bread and buns. That’s because we are your local Milton bakery and we bake our bread fresh, right here in our store, every single day.

We are a scratch bakery: we mix our doughs, shape our loaves and bake them fresh every day. That’s where you’ll taste the difference.

We do not add preservatives or artificial ingredients to our bread. You get good, wholesome bread. We still bake it the way we did 30 years ago.

You’ll find everything from traditional Calabrese and ciabatta loaves to baguettes to rye to whole wheat bread. We offer over 30 different types of bread and more than 30 different types and sizes of buns.

We have created specialty loaves like hot habanero corn bread, roasted red pepper and parmesan bread, and goodhearth baguette featuring 7 grains and seeds, just to name a few.

Our bread and buns are what attracted our customers to La Rose, right from day one.

We are your Milton bakery, and are proud to provide you the freshest bread and buns every single day.

Browse Our Fresh and Tasty Variety of Baked Goods


Our Bread Specialties
  • Austrian Loaf

    Dark loaf filled with whole grains

  • Calabrese Bread

    Round, Ring, Vienna, Ciabatta. A mix of white and hickory flours give this bread its unique taste. Baked with a crunchy crust.

  • Cheddar Cheese Bread

    100% real Canadian cheddar is swirled throughout the entire loaf

  • Corn Bread

    A dense, sweet corn bread

  • Cranberry Apple Loaf

    With dried cranberries and apples

  • Egg Chala Bread

    A traditional egg chala loaf topped with sesame seeds *

  • Eggplant Parmesan Bread

    Baked with grilled fresh eggplants and sprinkled with grated parmiggiano.

  • Flax Seed Bread

    A dark loaf with flax seeds throughout – a great source of Omega 3s

  • Focaccia

    An extra large, delicious focaccia.* Try it in:

    • Bianco (olive oil, rosemary, sea salt and oregano) or
    • Tomato (tomatoes, olives, olive oil and oregano)
  • French Bread: Long or Round

    A crusty loaf with a soft interior.
    Available in white or whole wheat.

  • Garlic Rosemary Bread

    Like a focaccia loaf, infused with garlic, olive oil and rosemary

  • Goodhearth Bread: Baguette or Square Loaf

    Made with 7 whole grains, this is one of our most popular breads.

  • Habanero Corn Bread

    Our dense, sweet corn bread kicked up with fresh hot habaneros.
    Warning: This bread is spicy!

  • Italian Bread

    A white loaf with a beautiful crust in an oblong shape.

  • Jalapeno Cheddar Bread

    100% real Canadian cheddar and fresh, hot jalapeno peppers swirled throughout the white bread.
    Warning: This bread is spicy!

  • Jalapeno Olive Bread

    Black olives and fresh, hot jalapenos are mixed through this white loaf

  • Mediterranean Bread

    Made with an array of fresh vegetables and olives, this delicious loaf is baked to perfection with a crispy crust. *

  • Natural Grain Bread

    Made with nine whole grains, this dark loaf has our lowest amount of sugar.

  • Nordic Loaf

    A dark multigrain loaf made with a sour dough.

  • Olive Baguette

    Our Calabrese dough mixed with black olives throughout.

  • Portuguese Loaf

    A white loaf baked in the traditional Portuguese style, with a slight crust

  • Potato Bread

    Our loaf with the lowest amount of gluten, made from potatoes. It has a soft crust, a dense middle and deliciously sweet flavour.

  • Pumpernickel Bread

    A round dark pumpernickel loaf; it is available in small and large sizes.

  • Raisin Bread

    A sweet bread dough made with sultana raisins.

  • Roasted Red Pepper Bread

    Made with roasted red peppers throughout the loaf and topped with grated parmiggiano.

  • Rye Bread

    • Light, Dark or Marble
    • Plain or Caraway

    Our delicious, traditional rye bread, made with light rye or dark rye. Can’t decide? Try a marble loaf with a swirl of light and dark. Our light rye is available with or without caraway seeds. All our rye bread is available in small or large sizes.

  • Smokey Onion Loaf

    Smoked onions are mixed throughout the inside of the bread.

  • Sourdough Bread: Baguette or Round Loaf

    The beautiful, unique flavour of sour dough shines through in this bread. Available in baguette style or round loaf. Baked to golden perfection with a slight crust.

  • Sundried Tomato Bread

    A medium loaf made with sundried tomatoes and olives throughout.

  • Vienna Stick

    Our white bread baked Viennese style in a baguette shape.

  • White Bread

    Our classic white square loaf.

  • Whole Wheat Bread: Baguette or Loaf

    Our 100% whole wheat flour loaf. Available in baguette shape or classic square loaf.

Our Bun Varieties
  • Bagels

    Available in:

    • Cheddar cheese
    • Sesame
    • Poppyseed
    • Everything
    • Whole wheat
    • Multigrain
    • Blueberry
    • Cinnamon Raisin
  • Calabrese Buns

    Made with hickory and white flours and baked with a thick crust.
    Available in round or submarine shape.

  • Cheese Buns

    Our sweet white dough topped with 100% pure Canadian cheddar

  • Mini Cheese Loaves

    Tiny little loaves swirled with 100% pure Canadian cheddar throughout.

  • Cheese Sticks

    A La Rose favourite! Hand-rolled soft bread sticks swirled with 100% pure Canadian cheddar throughout.

  • Ciabatta Buns

    The delicious ciabatta in a smaller size, with a beautiful thick crust.

  • Dinner Rolls

    Our smallest round buns. Available in white or whole wheat.

  • Egg Chala Buns

    Our traditional egg chala sweet dough in round buns, topped with sesame seeds. *

  • Goodhearth Buns

    Our popular goodhearth dough made with 7 whole grains, in a round individual bun.

  • Kaisers

    Our round buns topped with flour, stamped with the traditional Kaiser bun star.

  • Mediterranean: Buns and Sticks

    Our delicious Mediterranean bread made with an array of vegetables, in a square individual bun or small mini sticks.

  • Olive Buns

    Our Calabrese dough with black olives throughout, in an oblong bun.

  • Onion Buns

    Our sweet white round buns topped with fresh onions and poppyseeds. Perfect for roast beef sandwiches!

  • Portuguese Buns: Large or Mini

    An oblong white bun with a soft centre and slight crust; dusted with flour on top.

  • Potato Buns

    Our sweet, dense potato bun contains the least amount of gluten.

  • Pumpernickel Buns

    Round dark pumpernickel buns.

  • Soft Buns: White or Whole Wheat

    Our soft buns are available in white or whole wheat. The outside and inside are super soft and chewy. Available in two shapes: oblong or round. Perfect for hot dogs or hamburgers!

  • Sourdough Buns

    Our unique sour dough bread in an oblong bun. A soft centre with a golden crust.

  • Spaccatelli: Large and Mini

    Our traditional Italian spaccatelli buns have a soft, white interior and are baked with a beautiful golden split crust.

  • Submarine Buns: White or Whole Wheat

    Our soft, large submarine buns are available in white or whole wheat dough.

Specialty Sweet Doughs
  • Butter Croissant

    The traditional buttery taste of our flaky croissant.

  • Chocolate Croissant

    Filled with chocolate, topped with icing sugar and chocolate.

  • Almond Croissant

    Made with an almond paste interior and topped with sliced almonds.

  • Danish Pastry

    Available in lemon, cherry, blueberry, apple, strawberry-cream cheese, or cream cheese.

  • Apple Turnover

    Flaky puff pastry surrounds an apple filling.

  • Cinnamon Bun

    Our cinnamon buns are large and fluffy.

  • Cinnamon Stick

    Flaky puff pastry sticks swirled with cinnamon.

  • Raspberry Almond Pretzel

    Flaky puff pastry swirled with raspberry jam and hand-rolled into pretzel shape. Topped with toasted sliced almonds.

  • Tea Biscuits

    Traditional tea biscuits available in plain, berry, raisin, cheddar, cheddar and broccoli, raspberry or blueberry.

  • Streudel

    Flaky puff pastry envelops the fruit filling centre. Available in apple, cherry or blueberry.

  • Pound Cake

    Available in plain, cherry, lemon, blueberry, marble or chocolate chip.

  • Banana Bread

    Available in plain, walnut or chocolate chip.