Celebrating Star Wars

Chopper, Star Wars Rebels

Kayla loves Star Wars Rebels. So when Icing Smiles contacted us to make a special birthday cake for Kayla, we couldn’t resist the opportunity to make her birthday extra special and create something incredible for her.

After doing research and watching a few episodes of Star Wars Rebels, we finally chose Chopper the Droid to be our muse.

The first task was sketching out the structure and measuring everything to exact proportions. We gained structure ideas from Mike’s Amazing Cakes (check his site out, he is amazing!), and then took our measurements and sketch to our good friends at Lumberville. Their expertise helped us  create the base structure for Chopper. Thank you Lumberville!

We covered our structure in plastic wrap to keep it food safe, and then the building began! We layered vanilla sponge and vanilla bean Italian buttercream to form his body.

Then we carved the shape for his head.

The feet were formed using rice kripie treats.

And then the fondant covering and fondant details began. We spent hours getting the details just right: measuring those panels, marking out joints, getting those arms just right. All of this was done by hand with lots of love.

Once we were happy with Chopper’s overall look, we took him to our spray booth for a paint job.  Using an airbrush with edible food colour, we highlighted and shaded Chopper, bringing him to life with depth.

And then Chopper was ready to meet Kayla.

Kayla loved Chopper! Thank you, Kayla for sending us your photos with your cake.


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