First Birthday Sfoglia Cake

Mom Jennifer wanted something really pink and really girly for her little Princess Catherine’s first birthday. As a mom of three, with two older boys and little Catherine, Jennifer couldn’t wait to have her daughter’s PINK first birthday party.

The family’s fave cake is strawberry sfoglia: four layers of puff pastry layered with our pastry cream and fresh sliced strawberries. Sfoglia is a delicate cake and cannot handle fondant coverings or standing items on the cake. So we had to design something that we could achieve with cream.

We decided on a piped rosette cake in a rising ombre pink pattern, with fondant embellishments. The rosettes were piped using a large open star tip, and were piped with whipped cream. What’s great about a whipped cream outer is that little Catherine could stick her fingers in the cream and enjoy that icing!

We made a white gumpaste plaque for the Happy Birthday message. We also made white gumpaste butterflies and flowers to accent the top of the cake.

We made an oval gumpaste plaque for the number 1 and embellished it with candy pearls and pink fondant flowers.

Happy 1st Birthday Catherine!

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