Gender Reveal Cake

Mom-to-be Tracy came in to see us with a round tummy and a white envelope. Smiling, glowing, she asked us to create a gender reveal cake for her and her family to enjoy.

Her family doctor confirmed the gender of her baby and sealed it in an envelope. No one except the doctor, not even Tracy, knew the gender.

Our pastry team had the amazing privilege of sharing in Tracy’s pregnancy journey, opening that envelope and finding out if it was a girl or boy.

Then we created the inside of the cake with cream that we tinted with food colouring (pink or blue), so that when Tracy and her family cut open the first slice of cake, they will immediately see the colour and know the gender of their baby. And they would all find out together.

We covered the cake in fondant in a gender-neutral design scheme…and packed it up for the family to enjoy.

Congratulations Tracy on your baby!

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