Specialty Cheeses

Specialty Cheeses

Cheese by La Rose in Milton, ON

Find Your Perfect Cheese Match

Sometimes the perfect Calabrese meal is a board full of the best cheese, sliced salumetti, a mix of green and black olives in oil and a fresh piece of crusty Calabrese bread. Add a glass of chianti or amarone, and you’ve got a perfect, heavenly meal.

You will find your perfect cheese match here at La Rose. Our cheese shop carries everything from the most popular, like havarti and provolone, to the obscure, like Aged Italian Buffalo Milk Cheese with Black Truffles. We carry award winners, palette pleasers and tongue teasers from all over the world.

Visit our cheese shop section and check out more than 100 varieties of gourmet Canadian and imported cheese. We carry the best cheese, like the finest aged Parmigiano Reggiano D.O.P., and real emmental from Switzerland. But you’ll also find rare gems like Borgaiolo from Italy and Queso Manchego D.O.P. from Spain.

Speciality Cheeses
Speciality Cheeses by La Rose in Milton, ON

Stay closer to home and discover gourmet cheese varieties from Quebec, like Oka, St. Paulin and La Sauvagine.

And of course, you will find the best cheese staples like cheddar, mozzarella, marble, havarti and more – they are available sliced and ready for sandwiches, or in chunks.

Visit the La Rose cheese shop and discover a world of delectable gourmet cheese.

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